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Who We Are

COMPLIANT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS is a customer-focused Information and Communications consultancy firm that consistently provides unique and timely cutting edge business solutions for best Return on Investment,Business Value and Customer Satisfaction. This is clearly described in our mission statement thus:

"To provide Information Communication Solutions that are customer-tailored, timely, affordable, scalable and future-proof based on open standards to guarantee a quick return on investment and continued Customer Satisfaction"

What We Do

We provide a broad portfolio of high quality Information and Communications solutions to customers in various fields such as Financial, Communications, Health Care, Education, Government, Non-Governmental Organizations, Manufacturing and individual users.

How We Do It – A Customer Driven Approach

We are equipped with skill and experience in ICT Hardware and Software, Networking and Internet
Technologies to ensure that our clients enjoy excellent service and trueenhancement of their business value. We deploy best-of-thought solutionscombined with best-of-breed technology model for the service delivery of our solutions and services.

More importantly, our passion for "Enjoyable Service" goes further to guarantee customer satisfaction. Compliant Technology Solutions helps customers to reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively maximum benefit from their I.C.T. investment. Whatever your hardware, software or connectivity requirements, we have a solution that suits your needs.

Building on our Clients' Trust …… Delivering on our Promises

We are located at:

Trishul Towers Murang'a Road
1st floor, suite No. 5
Nairobi - Kenya
Phone: 020 313599
Mobile: 0722 505439

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